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“So you really think every single mass media company on earth is conspiring to fabricate narratives and to lie to the masses so they can further some kind of sinister agenda?”

It’s not what we think. Its what we know. Its what they’ve told us. Your ignorance of their confessions is what allows them to continuously screw the people.

You think the CIA manipulating news media for propaganda purposes is a conspiracy theory? If only you had an idea about legitimate efforts (successful ones) that were made by the United States Government to use mass media to influence public opinion internationally.

And don’t get your panties in a bunch because the term “Fake News” doesn’t solely apply to one side of the left-right paradigm.

Show off your trendy side with this Champion hoodie! The colorful print on 100% cotton shell, two-ply hood with a colored lining, and the instantly recognizable Champion logo on left sleeve all come together in this soft and durable hoodie that’s made to last.

• 90% cotton, 10% polyester (light steel is 85% cotton, 15% polyester)
• 100% cotton shell
• Two-ply hood with a colored lining (black hoodies have a light steel lining in the hood, navy – oxford grey lining, light steel – navy lining)
• V-notch rib detail at neck, and half-moon insert at the back of the neck
• Tone-matching drawstrings
• Front pouch pocket
• 2×1 ribbed spandex enhanced cuffs and bottom band
• Embroidered “C” logo on left sleeve

Model is wearing size M. He’s 6.3 feet (192 cm) tall.

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Size Guide